Twitter Profile Image to #DynamoBIM Pixelated Façade

Published by John Pierson on

On Friday, July 6th, a rather neat idea came up after messing around with some façades.

The Tim Allen thing is in reference to a Doom3D post from a long time ago. Simply search “DOOM3D but everything is Tim Allen.

This made us wonder, what if we used Dynamo to make a façade with someone’s image? So off I went to see if it is possible to read an image from Dynamo. After some searching, I found a very clever solution from awilliams on the Dynamo forum.

Essentially, we can point to a web location and save the image locally for reading and generating awesome things from it.

With that implemented, I managed to get this graph setup.

All you need to do for this to work is, paste your twitter image URL into the upper blue area and specify how fine you want the quality in the lower blue portion.

I found the best way to find your image is to right click from your Twitter profile and “Copy Image Location”.

You paste that in the string and you are good to go!

I did have a few questions about whether or not this was automated. For now, this is “Semi-automated” as I don’t want the Twitter handle that I actually use to auto-reply to everyone. I’ve seen a few accounts that have auto-reply and auto retweet, and they always seem less genuine to me. That being said, I am working on making this a fully automated process via tagging a special Twitter handle, stay tuned!

Also, if you are interested in messing with the Dynamo graph for yourself, here it is with a lot of notes to guide you along the way. (No signup required!)

Thanks, everyone for the interest and dropping by!



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