Why Parallax Team Exists

Practice Technology has been a part of the AEC industry since the earliest recorded history. That technology has taken on various forms based on the technological advancements of each time period, but the fact remains true:

Sometimes technology is an answer. Sometimes technology is the problem. Sometimes technology is neither, bur our captivation with it distracts us from looking at the issue critically. Sometimes a technology can be used for things outside of its original intent, to solve a problem in a new and dynamic way.

Parallax Team has been working in the AEC space for over fifteen years, leveraging the latest technology when it is beneficial. We have worked extensively in Building Information Modeling, design-build and design-assist situations, Integrated Project Delivery formats, with direct-design-to-fabrication workflows, and in fully collaborative environments with multiple disciplines participating. But we have also worked without technology, on managing processes, workflows, projects, people, and less than ideal situations.

We are critical thinkers and problem solvers. Not technology, hardware, or software pushers. We develop workflows, and strategies, and processes that get teams to the finish line, to help deliver quality projects.

We can help you elevate your BIM Implementation, where there are improvements to be made. And that isn’t limited to the technology side: We delve into office standards, practices, collaboration, and evaluating the entire project process (including the teams) to get you to the results you (and your clients) want.


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