BILTNA2018 – I Shipped My Scripts Overview

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With BILTNA only a few weeks away, I wanted to go ahead and outline some of the items we will cover in my class titled, “I Shipped My Scripts: Deploying Dynamo Workflows to Your Firm”.


We will recap some of the nuances with Dynamo versioning and considerations when trying to manage packages for an entire firm. One of the key benefits of Dynamo is the very active community. One of the downsides of Dynamo is sharing these workflows with the dependencies intact. We are going to offer a solution to that.


Speaking of packages, we are going to demo an OOTB Dynamo method to automate the syncing of packages from a specified network location. This method is elegant, simple and all around neat-o. We will also build shippable workflows that automate repetitive tasks in Revit.


We are going to breakdown Dynamo player and cover the steps involved in using it to it’s fullest potential. This means we will look at it from an OOTB standpoint and from a developer standpoint. We are going to create some nice user interfaces that can be applied to shippable workflows.


Throughout the whole class, we are going to implement accurate, concise methods of annotating your Dynamo graphs. At Parallax Team, we believe in distributing Dynamo graphs that are easy to understand and troubleshoot.


At BILT, we are going to introduce you all to one of our new favorite tools, the package usage doge. Annotating our graphs accurately does in fact take time, so we set out to remove that obstacle. With our custom tool, you are able to annotate graphs very quickly.

Also, at BILT we will be hanging out in the Parallax Team Booth, in the exhibit hall, during the conference. Please, feel free to drop by and say hi!

We look forward to seeing you all at BILTNA2018!



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