FOREground for Revit

$499.99 per seat for 1 year with a 30-day free trial

Real Site, Landscape, and Planting Tools for Revit.


Available for: Revit 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

The FOREground application is a complete toolset designed to assist with site and landscape modeling and documentation.

The toolset incudes tools for:

  • Topography – Create and modify topography more easily.
  • Floors/Slabs – Modify and grade slabs (floors or roofs) with a wide variety of tools.
  • Quick Pick Tools – Generate other hardscape elements by picking edges from a 3D view.
  • Planting – Manage plant mixes and automate placement of plant groupings, plus auto updating and tagging tools.
  • Annotations – Tools to assist with common site and landscape annotations.

Note: Pricing is per seat.

At this time, we only offer licenses per user (per seat) and site-wide licensing**.

Multi-user licenses or “floating” licenses are not available.

**Site-wide licensing is available, on request. Please contact us for more details.

To read more about FOREground and each toolset, go to

For more information on each specific tool, and more FAQs check out the FOREground Documentation Page.


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