Aaron Maller

About Aaron

Aaron Maller is the director of Parallax Team, a full-service Implementation Firm. He has been implementing BIM and Practice Technology at Architectural, Engineering, and General Contracting Firms across the country for the last ten years. Specializing in streamlining workflows and maximizing efficiency, he has become well known for his work in elaborate content libraries and templates.

While working with design professionals and construction professionals in unison, Aaron has focused his attention on standardizing data protocols, and developing workflows around that data that allows design models to be fully leveraged downstream, having worked on many initiatives that were direct-to-fabrication from design content.

Many of these initiatives have meant elaborate workflows requiring multiple pieces of software to edit the design data, in efforts to maximize the efficiencies of all stakeholders in a project’s design to operation lifecycle. To accomplish this, his efforts constantly focus on standardization and templating of content, and managing the ability to migrate or manipulate complex content, to meet varying requirements for different initiatives. He is an avid contributor to the BIM community, on the whole, volunteering at Revit Forum.org (as twiceroadsfool), as well as speaking at many events including Autodesk University, Revit Technology Conferences, and various users groups around the world.

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