Linked Details for Revit

$2,500.00 company wide / year

“Insert Views from File”, but better.


*Note: Pricing is for a site license.

Let’s face it. We have all had to deal with the infamous “Load Views from File” tool in Revit. Often times, people think that this is the best way to manage the use of typical details. But what happens if quite a few of your typical details have changed?! Enter, Prlx.LinkedDetails for Revit. This plugin is a supercharged version of the load views from file command. We load the views while linking back to the original file for later updating.

Check it out below!

General Overview

New Feature – Linking Sheets!

New Feature!!! Linking Details on BIM360


Release Notes for Linked Details v1.4.4:

🐛 Bug Fixes:

  • Added the ability to scroll to Relink Window
  • Allowed for blank selection on Relink Window

🎫 Known Issues

  • BIM360 detail linking has no “repath” option.


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