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Parallax Revit Door Library

Parallax Toilet Stalls

Toilet stalls overview.

Ah, toilet stalls, one of the most overlooked pieces of content in Revit. A lot of firms have downloaded libraries off the internet to only find out that they are very rigid and hard to customize. This often leads to user’s building toilet stalls a number of ways including, in place families or walls. This is troublesome because these elements typically do not lend themselves to being tagged in an efficient way. Parallax Team’s toilet stall libraries will get you flying in no time!

Millwork… that really works.

Millwork libraries are essential for any firm doing interior design work. This is another often overlooked content library and ends up being achieved with inefficient libraries that are freely available. Parallax Team’s millwork library is the result of working with these kinds of libraries with a wide variety of clientele to hone the features in.