FOREground Beta


The FOREground application is a complete toolset designed to assist with site and landscape modeling and documentation in Revit.

Current Version:

v0.1.2: Supports Revit 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. The active beta is currently private. For more information on the timing of the first public release, please sign up for FOREground Newsletter.

Beta Agreement:

Licenses and Activations:

License include access to all updated versions produced during the Beta License Term. The activation process is simple and occurs on first open of Revit after install, assuming an activation key was entered during install.

It has the same End User Licensing Agreement as all Parallax Team Applications.

Beta License Term is expected to last 30 days, but may be extended or revoked at the discretion of Parallax Team. While in beta, users are allowed access at no cost, in exchange for feedback. Once beta testing ends, users will need to purchase licenses to continue their access to FOREground.

Recommended Use:

Since this product is still in beta, it is not recommended for use in an active production model. If the user chooses to use FOREground in a production model, the user assumes the risk for any software crashes that may occur. We recommend that users save and sync frequently when using beta versions of FOREground.

Feedback Process:

By agreeing to participate in the beta, the user agrees to participate in the feedback process, which includes:

  • Submit bug reports when encountering an error or unexpected behavior
  • Meet periodically to provide feedback on user experience and ideas for enhancement or additional tools.